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Professional Engineers Ontario will, from time to time, seek comments, suggestions and opinions from stakeholders on matters of importance to the association and to the regulation of the engineering profession. When there is a consultation underway, consultation documents and instructions for providing a response will be added below. Thank you for your interest in PEO consultations.

Standards and Guidelines Consultations

PEO’s Professional Standards Committee (PSC) is constantly updating existing or adding new practice guidelines. These documents deal with professional matters and offer guidance on best practices for fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of professional engineers providing various services to either clients or employers. As part of the approval process, Council has directed the PSC to consult with licence holders on all new or revised guidelines under consideration by the committee.

The following are final drafts for proposed guidelines. The PSC invites interested practitioners, co-regulators and stakeholders to review these documents and submit comments to consultations@peo.on.ca by the noted date.

Current Consultations

Standard of Practice

Professional Engineers Ontario’s Professional Standards Committee (PSC) amends existing standards of practice or creates new ones as required. These standards of practice are regulations which set benchmarks for practitioners providing various services to either clients or employers.

As part of the approval process, Council has directed the PSC to consult with licence holders and stakeholders on all new or amended standards of practice under consideration by the committee. The following is a public consultation draft. The PSC invites interested practitioners and stakeholders to review this document and submit comments to consultations@peo.on.ca by the noted date.

Proposal to Amend Use of Seal Regulations

Consultation on the above proposal closes on September 30, 2019.

Past Consultations

Visit the Practice Guidelines webpage for final versions of the publications.

Stakeholder Consultations

Current Consultations

There are no consultations at this time.

Past Consultations

There are no past consultations at this time.