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Licensure Assistance Program (LAP)
(formerly the Mentorship Program)

What is the Licensure Assistance Program?

PEO's Licensure Assistance Program (LAP) is a program that links engineering interns (interns) with professional engineers (guides) licensed with PEO to provide the interns with guidance and support as they progress towards obtaining their professional engineering licence. PEO believes that this program will equip new engineers with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities and for success in their chosen profession.

Please note: Not all PEO chapters are participating in the LAP at this time. Please contact your chapter chair to find out if your chapter participates in the LAP.

Who can be a guide?

Professional engineers licensed with PEO within the participating chapters can become guides. Click here to apply!

Who can be an intern?

Engineering interns (EITs) within the participating chapters can become interns. Click here to apply!

What it is not!

The primary objective of the LAP is to help guide engineering interns through the licensing process, develop as a professional and assimilate into the engineering community.

While some discussion around career matters may occur, PEO does not intend the program to be a job finding mechanism. The program will not find you a job nor meet the requirements for a professional engineer referee. Please refer to PEO’s Experience Guidelines that outlines the referee requirements, including the role of the professional engineer monitor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a guide?
A guide, for the purposes of this program, is a licensed professional engineer who volunteers his/her time to provide guidance and support to an engineering intern.

Do I have to be a P.Eng. to be a guide?
Yes, you must be a licensed professional engineer with PEO in order to be a guide.

What is an intern?
An intern, for the purposes of this program, is an engineering intern (EIT) who is seeking guidance and support while they are working towards achieving their professional engineering licence.

Do I have to be an EIT to be an intern?
Yes, you must be enrolled in PEO’s engineering intern (EIT) program to participate in the LAP.

How do I find a guide/intern?
When your application for the LAP is received, your chapter’s Licensure Assistance Program Coordinator will review the information you have provided and assign you the best suitable match based on your information.

What are the steps involved in the program?

  1. The guide/intern completes the online application for the program.
  2. Based on the information provided, the Chapter Licensure Assistance Program Coordinator will assign the best suitable match of guide/intern.
  3. The Chapter Licensure Assistance Program Coordinator will contact the guide/intern and advise them of their match and their training and orientation date.
  4. At the training and orientation session, the guide and intern will meet and undergo the training.
  5. After the training the guide/intern pairs will arrange to meet together at a mutually agreeable time.
  6. At their first meeting, the guide/intern pair will discuss and sign the licensure assistance accord form.
  7. Matched pairs will then meet on a regular basis for the subsequent six months (at least two hours once per month)
  8. The chapter will hold a feedback/appreciation meeting after a six month period.

How many times should the pairs meet?
Pairs should meet at least two hours per month.

Where can pairs meet?
It is up to you and your guide/intern to arrange how and where you will meet.

Do we have to meet in person or can we simply connect over the phone?
It is up to you and your guide/intern to decide how you wish to meet. It is recommended that your first few meetings be face-to-face.

Is there a cost to the program?
No, there is no cost to participate in the LAP.

Will I receive training?
Yes. Workshops will be conducted for interns and guides.

Will I receive any tools/assistance?
Yes. Each intern and guide will receive a handbook. Each handbook contains guidance materials.

How long is the program for?
Guide/intern relationships will have a six month duration. At the end of this timeframe, guides/interns can renew their participation if they would like to remain involved in the program.

Are there only certain Chapters that have this program?
Not all chapters have implemented the LAP; please contact your chapter directly to see if they are running the program.

Will the LAP help me find a job?
No. The purpose of the LAP is to guide interns as they progress towards licensing.

Can a P.Eng. Guide act as a referee for my experience?
All applicants must attain at least 12 months experience in a Canadian jurisdiction under the supervision of a person legally authorized to engage in the practice of professional engineering in Canada. When an engineering intern is not being supervised by a professional engineer, they must arrange for a professional engineer monitor who meets the requirements as outlined in PEO’s Experience Guidelines. A requirement is for the monitor to be in the work location of the EIT at least 30 hours each month. Guides in the LAP have no obligation to act as a monitor, and are instead committed to meeting with the intern for two hours per month.

Will participation in the LAP guarantee that I will obtain a P.Eng licence?
No. The LAP does not guarantee licensure with PEO. The LAP is meant to provide support to help engineering interns as they progress towards licensure. Participants must still meet all the requirements for licensure as outlined in PEO’s Experience Guidelines.


Email licensureassistanceprogram@peo.on.ca with your questions.