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A Self-Regulated Profession

As a regulator, PEO’s reason for being is defined in legislation. We establish standards. We license people and organizations to those standards and we ensure compliance with these standards.

The annual fees from licensed practitioners enable PEO to take responsibility for the licensing and discipline of engineers and companies providing engineering services. As part of its mandate, PEO also establishes, maintains and develops:

  • standards of knowledge and skill;
  • standards of practice for the profession;
  • standards of professional ethics; and
  • promotes public awareness of its role.

Licensed holders, as well, have certain responsibilities. Professional engineers must:

  • ensure the public's safety and promote its interest where engineering matters are concerned;
  • ensure that provincial laws adequately and properly serve and protect the public and participate in the establishment and maintenance of engineering standards while adhering to the Code of Ethics; and
  • monitor and report any violations of the Professional Engineers Act.

The engineering profession has a powerful and revered tradition of accountability and service in Ontario. Professional engineers in our province should take pride in knowing that our profession has earned the continued respect of government as well as the public confidence necessary to allow for and maintain self-regulatory status. By empowering us with the privilege, the provincial government recognizes the commitment by professional engineers to regulate the practice of engineering while maintaining public safety.