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Building History: 2009 (continued)

July-December 2009 - HVAC and Electrical Upgrades

At the recommendation of mechanical and electrical engineering consultants, the Task Force approved upgrades to the electrical system and additional heat pumps during the move-in phase of construction (December 2009). These additions were to ensure hot, stuffy workspace was avoided and the electrical systems could fully support the modern use of computers and other related electrical equipment.

These upgrades were simply bridging exercises. The design operating temperature for the heat pump loop is 90-95oF and in the 2010 hot summer the system operated at 105-110 oF, causing units to go off-line. Volunteers and staff have also complained about the noise of the in-ceiling heat pumps. These issues are addressed in the mechanical master plan. During the move-in phase of construction, it was determined that moving and adding heat pumps added in excess of $25/sf in renovation costs.

It should also be noted that as a result of the mechanical master plan, most of the new additional heat pumps that were purchased as part of the renovations to PEO spaces in December 2009 are being replaced by the new HVAC system. These heat pumps will be placed in inventory and will either be used or have already been used to replace older heat pumps that are reaching the end of their service life in tenanted spaces. As such, the cost of the heat pumps is considered common operating and maintenance costs and will be distributed over all occupants (tenants and PEO) of 40 Sheppard.

July-December 2009 – Getting PEO In

The hold-over provision of the lease at 25 Sheppard was very onerous, 150 per cent of rent or approximately $200,000/month if PEO needed to extend its stay at 25 Sheppard beyond December 31, 2009. The challenge was trying to fit the 35,000 sf of requirements in the 8,500 sf that were vacant in the building. Kim Allen, CEO/Registrar and PEO staff worked with Colliers to find tenants interested in leaving before their leases expired or not renewing leases to try to free up as much space as possible. 24,000 sf. was freed up. However, the majority of the space was not available until October 31, 2009 and it was located on six of the eight floors in the building. The task force and its staff support, Scott Clark, and &Co worked through many designs. Compounding the design challenge was PEO’s heavy reliance on paper files, requiring the placement of more than 200 filing cabinets. All decisions, including those with a short-term focus, kept the long-term design objectives in mind. The priority was given to getting all critical operations and staff in place prior to the end of 2009.

Renovating 24,000 sf, moving 100 staff and mountains of files, rewiring for phones and computers, all in six weeks is a real accomplishment. The effort of the 40 Sheppard Task Force (President Karakatsanis, Councillor Bruce Clarida, former Councillor Nick Colucci, PEO staff: Scott Clark, Frank Borsi, Eric Brown, Mark Baruzzi and Kim Allen) and &Co was simply outstanding to get us in on time. PEO’s President Karakatsanis, Scott Clark, Eric Brown, Paula Habas, Aleks Mijailovic, Irena Langenfelds and Dan Ilic; &Co’s Richard Burgess, Mary Jane Finlayson, Dermot Sweeny; our Construction Managers Greenferd’s Randy Black and Glen Anderson, and our move managers Intercede’s Lesley Melliship and Mattia Di Pietro, as well as Quality Moving’s Ian Nevitt, went above and far beyond the call of duty. This included many evening and weekend hours spent to ensure the move and work took place as planned. In the end, PEO moved into 40 Sheppard on schedule with all computer systems, telephones and administrative services fully operational the morning of the move.

On December 21, 2009 President Karakatsanis opened the new building and hosted a reception for staff and the building tenants.