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PEO Office Improvements: Future Vision

Suite 105 (2,217 sf) becomes available April 2014. When it becomes available, a public space, museum and interactive area would be built out with a direct entrance from the lobby. The lobby, suite 104 meeting room and museum would serve as an excellent area for large receptions. Also by April 2014, the few remaining leases on the 5th and 6th floors will have expired. This will allow the remaining staff on the second floor to move up and the consolidation of office spaces on the 5th and 6th floors will be complete.

The final phase for development of 40 Sheppard is completion of the 8th floor as a fully functioning conference facility with the permanent Council Chamber, additional committee meeting rooms, business lounge and expanded dining facility to accommodate the additional meeting spaces being built out. This is slated for 2015.