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PEO Office Improvements: Office Consolidation - 5th and 6th Floors

Starting with a long-term vision for full-floor occupancy, the intent is to consolidate the majority of staff on the 5th and 6th floors, as tenant space becomes available. New spaces must be designed to accommodate this transition with a minimum of future disruption and cost. Key elements incorporated into the design:

  • Flexibility: Utilizing a modular approach, Moveable walls, modular furniture and flooring allows ease of reconfiguration. Furniture purchased for the interim moves will be reconfigured and expanded to provide improved work spaces for staff without the need to purchase additional parts and components. Millwork and built-in components will be kept to a minimum to allow for future moves and relocates.
  • Ergonomic work environment: Work areas designed and augmented with accessories and tools to allow staff to work in a healthy and supportive environment.
  • Open and Accessible Environment: Work station heights are lower, and offices have full glass fronts to allow maximum penetration of natural light and views, and to provide an open and transparent work environment to enhance collaboration and teamwork.
  • LEED compliant features:
    • Access to natural light and views
    • Energy efficient light fixtures
    • Daylight and proximity sensors for energy efficiency
    • LEED compliant finishes throughout