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PEO Council 2018-2019

Ishwar Bhatia, MEng, P.Eng.
Eastern Region Councillor & Member of the Executive

Ishwar Bhatia completed his BEng in 1970 and his MEng (civil engineering) at Dalhousie University in 1972. After starting in consulting with McNeely and Northland Engineering, he joined the City of Ottawa in 1974 as head of sewer maintenance. For 30 years, after joining the city—eventually taking on the role of senior project leader in infrastructure—Bhatia supervised project managers, oversaw environmental assessments, hired consultants and managed multi-million-dollar complex construction projects. From 2009 to 2011, he once again joined the consulting engineering industry with GENIVAR to start up its municipal group. He has twice volunteered as president of Ottawa’s Civic Institute of Professional Personnel. Bhatia served on PEO Council from December 2008 until June 2016 as a lieutenant-governor-appointed councillor under three different attorneys general. He served on the Executive, Audit (chair), Finance (vice chair), Discipline and Government Liaison committees, and 40 Sheppard Task Force (chair) and was a vice chair of the Chapter Leaders Conference in 2017. Bhatia has served on several discipline panels and obtained certification from the Society of Arbitrators and Regulators. He has been elected as Eastern Region councillor for a two-year term and will serve from 2017-2019.