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PEO Council 2018-2019

Lew Lederman, QC
Lieutenant Governor-in-Council Appointee

Lew Lederman is a consultant/businessman (Knowledge E*Volutions Inc.), lawyer (Lew Lederman QC of Ottawa and Toronto) and Canada representative (and Innovation Council member) for Capital Expert Services, LLC of Washington, DC. Over the course of his career, Lederman has worked in most major legal and business sectors, including private practice at Gowling & Henderson (now Gowling WLG) and Fraser & Beatty (now Dentons); and business and government as general counsel and corporate secretary and executive management member, first at the Canadian Payments Association (now Payments Canada) processing then some $11 trillion p.a. (now $50 trillion) and subsequently Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation with revenues then of $500 million p.a. Lederman’s current focus, in addition to work at PEO, includes, in law, governance, regulation and problem-solving generally, and in consulting, potentials in pharma and in artificial intelligence. Lederman’s booklets and papers include Big, Bang, Boom: Adventures in Banking, A Declaration of Independence for Boards, Shakespeare on Audit Committees, and Watch Out, He Bites: A Zoology of Dangerous Businessmen. Lederman has also served on several boards, including the Council of the Ontario College of Pharmacists, the International Ship-Owners Alliance of Canada and the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra.