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GLP and Chapter Chairs

Government Liaison Program (GLP) Chairs are volunteer spokespersons for his/her chapter ridings and responsible for organizing GLP chapter objectives/activities which include:

  • Inviting MPPs to chapter events
  • Coordinating meetings with local MPPs
  • Participating in MPP events
  • Ensuring members are well informed of engineering and non-engineering matters to thoroughly comprehend issues pertaining to MPPs

Chapter Chairs are volunteers who are responsible for organizing local activities, providing engineers with a sense of community, liaising with PEO head office, communicating information, and helping deliver PEO’s message to chapter members.

PEO Support

  • Jeannette Chau, MBA, P.Eng., Manager, Government Liaison Programs - (647) 259-2262 or jchau@peo.on.ca
  • Howard Brown, PEO Government Relations Consultant, President Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc. - (416) 484-1132 and cell (416) 844-1180 or howard@brown-cohen.com
  • Blake Keidan, Account Coordinator, Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs Inc. - (416) 484-1132 ext. 7 or blake@brown-cohen.com

Brown & Cohen provides the following services to help facilitate the Government Liaison Program:

  • Provide spokesperson training for GLP members
  • Help facilitate spokesperson activities with MPPs in local chapters, events and meetings
  • Involve chapter representatives in other PEO activities
  • Developed the GLP Manual which provides background on the program, Ontario politics and the activities/steps that chapters can take to engage politicians

Government Liaison Committee (GLC)

Mandate: The Mandate of the Government Liaison Committee (GLC) is to provide oversight and guidance for the PEO Government Liaison Program (GLP)

2017 Committee Membership
Chair: Darla Campbell, P.Eng., PEO Government Liaison Committee Chair
Vice-chair: Gabe Tse, P.Eng., GLP Chair
Council Liaison: Warren Turnbull, P.Eng. Regional Councillors Committee

Matthew Jelavic, P.Eng., Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
Daniel Liao, P.Eng., GLP Chair
Nick Colucci, P.Eng., Advisory Committees Volunteers
Rakesh Shreewastav, P.Eng., Engineers Canada Representative
Bill Allison, Consulting Engineers Ontario
Angel Serah, Student Representative
Daniel King, EIT, EIT Representative
Vacant, LGA Councillor

Staff Advisor:
Jeannette Chau, P.Eng., PEO Manager, Government Liaison Programs

Howard Brown, PEO Government Relations Consultant, Brown & Cohen
George Comrie, P.Eng., President
Bob Dony, P.Eng., President-elect
Gerard McDonald, P.Eng., Registrar

For more information about the committee, please visit the GLC page.

The electronic addresses of PEO’s staff are provided for inquiring about PEO’s regulatory activities related to the regulation of professional engineers. The staff do not wish to and do not consent to receiving unsolicited commercial electronic messages such as advertising or other promotional material.