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2002 Order of Honour Recipients


Christine Bell, P.Eng.

Over 11 years, including nine on PEO Council, Engineer Christine Bell has served the profession conscientiously, through her leadership on the executive of the PEO London Chapter, on PEO committees, as Lieutenant Governor-in-Council appointee and culminating in her tenure as PEO President in 1997-98.

She has been cited, by her fellow PEO Councillors, for her sound judgment, her attention to detail, and her engineering expertise in her various roles. She is also recognized for her energy and willingness to commute from London to attend Toronto-based PEO meetings. In her service as PEO President, Engineer Bell has been recognized for her dedication, diligence and integrity, as well as for being a strong advocate of professionalism and excellence in the profession. She is also recognized for her service as a member of the Government Affairs Committee, for which her contribution is cited as both substantial and excellent. 

In addition, Engineer Bell has held the position of Chair of the Complaints Committee and served on the Professional Development Committee, Women in Engineering Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee on Committees and on the Admissions, Election Reform and Role of Councillors task forces. 

In recognition of her many years of dedicated and devoted service, Engineer Christine Bell is invested as a Companion of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.


Katherine Crewe, P.Eng.

For over a decade, Engineer Katherine Crewe served Professional Engineers Ontario with dedication and extraordinary leadership as Councillor-at-Large, as Chair of the association’s Women in Engineering Advisory Committee (WEAC) and as a member of numerous task groups and committees. In 1994, Kathy was inducted as a Member in the Order of Honour, recognizing her outstanding contributions serving on the executives of the Kingsway Chapter and the Toronto-Humber Chapter, where she was chapter Chair from 1987 to 1989.

As Chair of WEAC from 1991 to 1994, Kathy spearheaded the development and execution of the 1994 National Report of Workplace Conditions for Engineers, the national survey initiated by PEO and jointly sponsored by eight other professional engineering associations. As Chair of WEAC, Kathy led numerous mentoring and networking initiatives to increase the percentage of women who are licensed professional engineers.
She has been an active member of other PEO committees and task groups, including the Internal Networks Task Group in 1996, the -Certificate of Authorization/Licensure Task Group, and the Discipline, Finance and Audit committees. In addition, she represented PEO on the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers’ Canadian Engineering Human Resources Board between 1997 and 1999.

For her demonstrated dedication to furthering the profession through PEO committees and PEO Council, Katherine Crewe is invested as an Officer in the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Keith Cross, P.Eng.

Since 1983, Engineer Keith Cross has served Professional Engineers Ontario through volunteering his expertise at various levels, including chapters, committees and task groups, and Council.

As a PEO member since 1964, Keith has served on the Executives of PEO’s Toronto-Humber, Etobicoke and Kingsway chapters, including serving as chapter Chair. He was the founding Chair of the Penta-Chapter Licence Presentation Ceremony Subcommittee and laid the foundation for this successful collaboration. In 1984, Keith was invested as a Member of PEO’s Order of Honour.

Keith’s involvement in a wide range of PEO committees reflects his diverse interests within the profession. He has served on various PEO committees, including the Annual General Conference, Audit, Discipline, Professional Practice, National Engineering Week and Awards committees. He also chaired the Regional Nominating Committee. Elected to PEO Council in 1993 as a Regional Councillor, Engineer Cross was appointed Vice-President for two terms beginning in 1996. During this time, he actively worked towards the creation of a new Professional Engineers Act to strengthen the protection of the public while reflecting the contemporary practice of professional engineering. In recognition of his achievements, Keith Cross, P.Eng., is invested as an Officer of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Ravi K. Gupta, Ph.D., P.Eng.

For over 25 years of volunteer service to Professional Engineers Ontario, Engineer Ravi K. Gupta has actively worked to enhance the profession’s regulation and standards and to raise the public perception of engineering as a rewarding and exciting career. 

For the past two years, as the PEO representative on the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, he has served as Chair of the Engineer-In-Training Committee, incoming Chair of the Foreign Engineering Qualifications Committee and Vice-Chair of the Software Engineering Experience Task Force. In 1988, he became a Member of the PEO Order of Honour in recognition of his service on the Executives of the Willowdale-Thornhill and York chapters. Over the years, he has organized many events to increase public awareness of the profession, including National Engineering Week and the Engineering Centennial Year in 1987.

Dr. Gupta served on PEO Council for four years and on several PEO committees, including the Annual Conference, Engineering Week Steering, Discipline and Professional Development committees. For the past two years, he has chaired the PEO Experience Requirements Committee.

For his commitment to enhancing the standards of the profession and his outstanding leadership, Dr. Ravi Gupta P.Eng., is invested as an Officer of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Kenneth Serdula, Ph.D., P.Eng., F.E.I.C. 

Engineer Kenneth Serdula has served Professional Engineers Ontario at the chapter and committee levels, as well as on Council, including as appointed Vice-President. Throughout his many years of service, he has demonstrated recognized business and professional skills gained through experience providing consulting engineering services to the nuclear industry, in Canada and around the world.

In 1990, Kenneth was made a Member of the Order of Honour, recognizing his service on the Algonquin Chapter Executive, including four years as chapter Chair. He has been a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada since 1980. In 1994 and again in 1996, he was elected Regional Councillor, and served as Vice-Chair of the Regional Councillors Committee. In 1996 and 1997, he served two terms as PEO appointed Vice-President. He has also served as a member of the Discipline and Audit committees and the Emerging Engineering and Multidisciplinary Task Group. In 1997/1998, as Chair of the Audit Committee, he brought the Operations Excellence Plan to PEO Council, which recommended a review of PEO’s operations. In 1998, Dr. Serdula chaired the Ontario Hydro Nuclear Task Force, which investigated the effectiveness of PEO’s regulatory powers in this industry. Kenneth has been President and principal of Serdula Systems Limited since 1978, and was a research officer at Atomic Energy Canada’s Chalk River Laboratories.

For sharing his business-oriented leadership, accountability, professional expertise, resourcefulness and conscientiousness, Dr. Kenneth Serdula, P.Eng., is invested as an Officer of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour. 



William R. Campbell, P.Eng.

Engineer William R. Campbell is recognized as exemplifying the model of the professional engineer through his commitment to high professional and ethical standards. His various roles over the past 15 years within the Quinte Chapter include Chair, Treasurer, Education Coordinator and Executive member.

Bill is cited for exemplifying engineering professionalism and his commitment to the need for engineers in Ontario to be served by an association with professional governance. He is cited for his ever-willingness to perform duties that entail a great deal of work but offer no recognition. Bill is credited with ensuring the success of many chapter activities, including the 2001 chapter AGM, by drawing in many engineers who would not otherwise have participated. For many years, Bill has also contributed volumes of hours promoting engineering as a profession at student events, including career days, Science Fairs and Science Olympics. As the Chapter Education Coordinator, Bill has consulted with high school teachers on curriculum content and established a rapport with students.

For his willingness to promote the engineering profession, his patience at answering questions, and his commitment to connecting with fellow chapter members and to educating students with respect and dignity, William R. Campbell is invested as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Danny Chui, P.Eng.

Engineer Danny Chui has continuously served the profession with dedication for many years as Councillor for the West Central Region, as Chair of the Finance Committee and as a member of the PEO Mississauga Chapter Executive.
Danny served as West Central Region Councillor from 1994-96 and 1997-2001. During this period, he remained heavily involved in committee work. He actively participated on the Discipline, Annual Conference, Engineering Action Forum, Awards and Executive committees and served as appointed Vice-President and Chair of the Regional Councillors and Regional Nominating -committees. Danny also served as Chair and Past-Chair of the Finance Committee, spending two years in each position. As Chair of this -committee between 1998 and 2000, he was committed to balancing the budget while investing in PEO’s longer-term initiatives.

Within the PEO Mississauga Chapter, Danny served as Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. He was an active member of the chapter from 1986 to 2000 and was instrumental in attracting new members and strengthening the chapter’s subcommittees. He is cited for his sacrifice of many volunteer hours to organizing and chairing chapter events.

For his dedication to the profession and service on PEO Council, -committees, and the Mississauga Chapter, Danny Chui is inducted as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

John F. Clayton, P.Eng.

For nearly two and a half decades, Engineer John F. Clayton has served the profession through his -substantial contributions to PEO chapters, committees and task groups.

He has a long record of service to the PEO chapter system, including 16 years as an Executive member of the Brampton Chapter. He served as chapter Chair from 1992 to 1994 and from 1998 to 2000. His commitment to advocacy initiatives for engineers contributed to the ongoing participation of the PEO Brampton Chapter in the establishment of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. For the previous seven years, he actively participated as an Executive member of the Mississauga Chapter. He is cited for enthusiastically welcoming new members, involving all stakeholders in the governing process, and organizing successful chapter events.

He has also participated in PEO committees and task forces, including serving for seven years as the Chair of the Toronto subcommittee of the Consulting Engineer Designation Committee. As Chair of the 1995 -Government Affairs Committee’s Tractor-Trailer Wheel Separation Task Force, he took the lead in preparing the PEO brief and served as the PEO representative at the Tractor-Trailer Wheel Separation Inquest in 1995. He was a member of the Certificate of Authorization Task Force in 2000 and 2001.

For his decades of service with PEO chapters, committees and task forces, John F. Clayton is inducted as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

William Edwards, P.Eng.

For over 15 years, Engineer William Edwards has demonstrated outstanding leadership through his -service to the Professional Engineers Ontario Oakville Chapter.

Since 1988, Bill has served on the chapter Executive as chapter Secretary, Treasurer, Past-Chair, Executive member and two years as chapter Chair. He has developed a well-rounded perspective of chapter procedures. His four years service as chapter Treasurer have been cited as sharpening his -financial expertise as well as benefiting the chapter through his efficient management of chapter resources.

Bill’s ongoing efforts to make the Oakville Chapter’s programs current, active and innovative have constantly improved the chapter’s professional and social events. He has worked to boost membership interest and participation by organizing such exciting chapter events as the tour of the Ford automotive plant, which sold out within two days. 

For his financial responsibility, his willingness to share his expertise as a knowledgeable resource within the chapter and his accessibility as a mentor to new members of the Oakville Chapter, William Edwards is invested as a Member in the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

John Glover, P.Eng.

For over a decade, Engineer John Glover has been a stalwart organizational force on the PEO East Toronto Chapter Executive, spearheading the planning of numerous seminars, tours and other member events. His many years of service include serving as chapter Chair, Vice-Chair, Executive and Secretary.

He has been called one of the most reliable and -dedicated members of the chapter Executive for invariably going above and beyond the call of duty to serve the chapter and its membership. John has also contributed to initiatives directed towards students, including representing the association at such student-oriented activities as the University of Toronto Open House, the National Engineering Week Ontario Steering Committee and both the Ontario and Canadian Engineering Competitions. Engineer Glover was a member of the Annual General Conference Committee in 1996-98 and 2000-01. He has also participated, as a member of the Chapter Structure and Revitalization Team (START), in both the START I and START II reports to Council.

In recognition of his outstanding work as an invaluable link between the association, the chapters and the membership, John Glover is inducted as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Harold Melvin Harju, P.Eng.

For over 13 years, Engineer Harold Melvin Harju has served the PEO North Bay Chapter with enthusiasm and pride, generously volunteering his time and demonstrating his continuing initiative, while serving in each of the chapter Executive positions.

Since he first joined the North Bay Chapter’s Science Fair Committee, Engineer Harju has spearheaded attracting professional judges from a wide variety of science disciplines. When North Bay was awarded the Canada Wide Science Fair in 1996, he contributed a significant effort into his role as Vice-Chair of the Judging Committee. Part of his legacy is the North Bay Chapter’s promotional display, which he created in 1990 and still updates and maintains. The exhibit is proudly displayed at North Bay regional science fairs, students’ nights and Engineers’ Day to promote the profession to students and the general public. His legacy also includes The Calling, North Bay Chapter’s millennium project, a montage of engineering activities in a North Bay setting, which has been made into a limited edition print.

For his boundless enthusiasm about the profession and his support of the North Bay Chapter, Engineer Harold Melvin Harju is invested as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Jana Havard, P.Eng.

Since 1980, Engineer Jana Havard has worked tirelessly on the Mississauga Chapter -Executive organizing chapter workshops, seminars and serving as the chapter Webmaster.

As chapter Chair, she attended all chapter congresses, meetings and PEO Annual General Meetings. She has organized unique workshops featuring a diverse range of topics. Her deep commitment to the value of mentorship and professional development in enhancing an individual's engineering career has resulted in her tireless dedication to helping other engineers. In addition, as an effective communicator, Engineer Havard has been an important liaison between the Mississauga Chapter, PEO staff and Council over the years. Her ideas have helped shape PEO’s Chapter Executive Policies and Procedures. Currently, as chapter Treasurer, Jana handles the finances with exceptional prudence and responsibility. Ever a conscientious worker, Jana is exceptionally thorough and demands accountability from all Executive members. She developed and ran the first Mississauga Chapter Certificate Ceremony, which has served as a model for similar chapter ceremonies. 

For her service to the Mississauga Chapter, her dedication to professional development and mentoring new members, and her strong organizational skills, Jana Havard is invested as a Member in the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Donald E. Haws, P.Eng.

For over 40 years, Engineer Donald E. Haws has been an outstanding leader in the activities of the North Bay Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario.

In 1970, as chapter Chair, he introduced North Bay Engineers’ Day. Engineer Haws’ vision has nurtured the tradition of this annual event, which highlights the association and the activities of engineering professionals in the North Bay community, and which is promoted through the yearly newspaper supplement in the North Bay Nugget. Engineer Haws has participated in practically every North Bay Engineers’ Day as an event organizer and program speaker.

Don has enriched almost every North Bay Chapter activity. He has acted as a knowledgeable mentor to students attending the chapter’s annual student night. He has also been an enthusiastic organizer of the chapter’s annual golf tournament, which raises money for local charities. Don has enhanced the reputation of engineers through his community involvement with the Rotary Club, the YMCA and North Bay General Hospital.

In his professional life, as Director of Physical Resources at North Bay’s College Education Centre, he made significant contributions to the development of the North Bay campus of both Nipissing University and Canadore College.

For his visionary leadership of the North Bay Chapter and his personal commitment to the chapter’s success for over 40 years, Donald E. Haws is invested as a Member in the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Ross L. Judd, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Over more than two decades, Engineer Ross L. Judd has been invaluable to Professional Engineers Ontario by providing technical evaluations of the qualifications of foreign-educated applicants.

As Vice-Chair of the Academic Requirements Committee (ARC), and formerly the Board of Examiners, Dr. Judd has provided assigned programs of study and examinations for thousands of applicants. Over the years, he has continually assisted in shaping the ARC’s long-term direction and objectives, as well as acting as a continuing advocate for fair technical evaluation for foreign-educated applicants.

A member of the faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton since 1963, his professional research interests include fundamental investigation in nucleate boiling heat transfer research and other effects of heat generation. Now professor emeritus, for many years Dr. Judd actively encouraged engineering students to recognize the value and to start the process towards P.Eng. licensure. To this end, he has recently taken on the duties of the PEO Student Membership Program Faculty Advisor at McMaster.

For his continuing efforts in promoting the value of licensing, excellence in qualifications and fairness in evaluation, Dr. Ross L. Judd is inducted as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

H. Richard Patterson, P.Eng.

For over 20 years, H. Richard Patterson has demonstrated his continual commitment to the Windsor-Essex Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario. First elected to the chapter Executive in 1982, he has held all chapter Executive positions at least two times, including chapter Chair in both 1986 and 1996. As the current chapter Treasurer, Engineer Patterson demonstrates his professionalism and dedication to accountability. He has also organized several chapter events, such as the Windsor-Essex Chapter Annual General Meeting, A Night at the Races, the Annual Golf Day, plant tours and technical presentations.

For the last 12 years, as a founding member of the Essex County Engineering Week Committee, Engineer Patterson has been one of the main driving forces to the success of National Engineering Week in his locality. He has served as the Engineering Week Committee Chair for two years.

Since 1995, Engineer Patterson has also participated in the PEO Consulting Engineer Designation Committee (CEDC). His sound judgment and objectivity have been beneficial to the CEDC. For his continuing leadership of the Windsor-Essex Chapter and his dedication to the Annual Golf Day and Engineering Week, H. Richard Patterson is invested as a Member in the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Leonard Brian Ross, P.Eng.

With service spanning over a decade, Engineer Brian Ross deserves much credit for the increase in volunteer participation within Professional Engineers Ontario’s York Chapter. He has played an active role in the chapter Executive over the past 10 years, including serving as chapter Chair for three years. As Chair, he established the annual Engineer of the Year award to recognize outstanding York Chapter engineers. During his years of service, he has actively participated in nearly all chapter committees.

In 1997, Brian displayed his dedication to the chapter by creating a strong membership campaign. His leadership and promotional skills were highly effective at turning around the dwindling number of chapter volunteers. The end result was an increase in participation from both new and former York Chapter volunteers.

as an electrical engineering practitioner with a reputation for an unwavering professional commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and ethical work habits. Currently, he is Chair of the Discipline Committee. For his years of service and dedication to the profession, Leonard Brian Ross is invested as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.

Richard Westwell, P.Eng.

Since 1988, Engineer Richard Westwell has enriched the PEO Ottawa Chapter through his involvement in a wide range of activities, organizing events from New Members’ Licence Presentation Ceremonies to the chapter’s Curling Bonspiels. As a member of the Ottawa Chapter Executive from 1988 to 1999, he has held each chapter Executive position at least once, including acting as chapter Chair in 1993.

Rick has been instrumental in increasing the participation of new PEO members in Ottawa. He has always made an effort to welcome them and encourage their involvement. His energetic, sociable nature has helped generate interest and increase participation in chapter activities. 

Currently a senior project engineer with J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, he has worked on various structural engineering projects with the firm over the past 21 years. These projects ranged from technical reports on blast damage and structural failures to pre-purchase building inspections and building envelope problems. He is also responsible for structural engineering design and contract administration for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential projects.
In recognition of his service on the Ottawa Chapter Executive, encouraging participation from new members and organizing chapter activities, Richard Westwell is invested as a Member of the Professional Engineers Ontario Order of Honour.