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OPEA Gold Medal Winners

The premier award of the profession is the Gold Medal, which is awarded only when there is an outstanding candidate. No more than one Gold Medal is awarded each year. It is given to an association member who is recognized widely as a distinguished practitioner of the profession and has rendered outstanding public service in other fields on a federal or provincial basis. The recipient should be recognized by the public as a professional engineer and a dedicated public servant, who has made significant sacrifices of time and effort to benefit society.



1947 C.D. Howe
1948 Clarence R. Young
1951 A.G.L. McNaughton
1954 J.B. Tyrrell
1956 Richard L. Hearn
1958 T.H. Hogg
1959 T.R. Loundon
1963 N.R. Crump
1965 George B.Langford
1966 R.H. Winters
1968 Edward Churchill
1968 Robert F. Shaw
1970 Robert F. Legget
1971 Albert E. Berry
1972 Walter H. Paterson
1973 James L. Gray
1974 Carson F. Morrison
1975 Sydney M. Blair
1976 William H. Rapson
1978 Donald H. MacDonald
1979 Elsie M. Gregory MacGill
1981 Harold A. Smith
1982 S. Robert Blair
1983 Herbert G. Bown
1984 James M. Ham

1985 Gerald R. Heffernan
1986 John S. Foster
1987 Peter J. Haines
1988 John M. Smith
1989 William C. Winegard
1990 Douglas T. Wright
1991 Lorne G. McConnell
1992 Philip A. Lapp
1994 Gerald G. Hatch
1995 William A. O’Neil
1997 Robert B. Thirsk
2001 Robert T.E. Gillespie
2002 Arthur B. Johns
2003 Douglas Barber
2004 Pierre Lassonde
2005 Frank Joseph Ewasyshyn
2006 Thomas Anthony Brzustowski
2007 Anna (Anne) Maria Sado
2008 Walter Curlook
2009 Victor Milligan
2010 Monique Frize
2011 Michael E. Charles
2012 Bert Orland Wasmund
2013 Michael V. Sefton 
2015 Cristina Amon
2016 Larry Seeley
2017 Catherine Karakatsanis
2018 John William Bandler
2019 Brian J. Bonnick