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Licence Please!

Welcome to Licence Please!, a video guide designed to raise awareness of the regulatory mandate of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and the nature of illegal engineering practice and title use in the province, and to encourage your participation in PEO's efforts against such conduct.

The video guide can be viewed either on-line or downloaded for off-line viewing. The on-line version requires a browser with the Flash player, version 9 or greater, installed.

To view the online presentation click here.

To download the stand-alone application for viewing offline please select either a pc or mac version. Click here to download the latest version of Licence Please for Mac OS.

Download times may vary depending on Internet connection. To determine the time required to download this 94.6MB file, click here.

If you have questions or would like to contact PEO regarding "Licence Please", please contact,

Enforcement Officer
Regulatory Compliance
Professional Engineers Ontario
40 Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 101
Toronto, Ontario  M2N 6K9
Enforcement Hotline: 416 224-9528 Ext. 1444
Toll Free: 1-800-339-3716 Ext. 1444

If you are experiencing technical issues and are having problems viewing or downloading the presentation, please contact Kevin at kwu@peo.on.ca.