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Specific Exam Program

Applicants whose academic qualifications are judged by PEO to fall between those of a technology diploma and those of an engineering degree will be assigned a specific exam program (SEP). This program may consist of up to 18 examinations and would include basic, technical and complementary examinations plus an engineering thesis. Basic studies examinations are a prerequisite and must be addressed first.

Applicants who have been assigned a SEP, who have addressed the basic studies examinations, and who have at least 10 years of engineering experience may have their experience in the assigned subject areas assessed by PEO’s Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) to determine the level of application of the fundamental engineering principles pertaining to each of the assigned examination subjects. An interview is usually required. The ERC interview panel may recommend that the applicant not be required to write some or all of the assigned examinations with the exception of the examinations in the basic studies and the Engineering Report, which the ERC interview panel cannot recommend waiving.

If applicants wish to take courses at a university in lieu of their assigned SEP, they must receive PEO’s prior approval of the acceptability of the courses. However, courses-in-lieu are not acceptable for basic studies examinations.

PEO offers technical examinations twice annually (in spring and winter) at several centres across the province. PEO will send applicants who have been assigned examinations information about the examinations, explain when they may begin writing, specify the time limits for completing an examination program, and provide other guidelines. PEO may close the files of applicants who do not adhere to the strict time limits set out in PEO’s governing legislation.

Applicants should know that interviews with the ERC for assessment of the possibility of waiving assigned Confirmatory Exam Programs or SEPs are optional. Applicants may choose to write the corresponding examination programs without attending ERC interviews.