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About PEO
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PEO Sustainability

When PEO made the decision to find a new home for its head office, one of the goals was to make its headquarters a landmark of sustainable design through minimal energy consumption using the highest environmental standards. Buying and renovating 40 Sheppard Ave West in Toronto, Ontario was the first step towards this goal.

Building Performance

Each waste diversion chart is a combination of data supplied by PEO's waste removal company combined with information supplied by PEO's confidential shredding data. The percentages at the bottom represent how much of the building's waste stream is diverted from landfill. Opportunities to increase this percentage can be achieved through alternative collection programs and gathering data from individual tenants that have a confidential shredding program also.

  1. Waste Diversion Report (monthly)
  2. Waste Diversion Report (2016)
  3. Waste Diversion Report (2015)
  4. Waste Diversion Report (2014)
  5. Waste Diversion Report (2013)
  6. Waste Diversion Report (2012)
  7. Waste Diversion Report (2011)