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Professional Practice Examination (PPE)

What is the PPE?

The PPE is a three-hour, closed-book exam on ethics, professional practice, engineering law and professional liability. Eligible applicants may write the PPE at any time (within the time frame provided by PEO) as they acquire 48 months of engineering work experience required for licensure. To reduce the time to licensure, applicants are encouraged to write the PPE early in the time frame provided by PEO.

The PPE is held three times a year (April, August and December) in major centres across the province. Additional sittings may also be scheduled, if required. PEO's Exam Centre will send applicants a registration package when they are eligible to write the exam.

PPE in Three Steps

Step #1 – Complete a PEO licence application. Once PEO receives your completed licence application with the appropriate payment, you will be issued a PEO file number.

Step #2 – Wait. Two months prior to the date of the next available PPE, PEO's Exam Centre will send all eligible PPE candidates a registration package with information on how to register to write the exam.

Step #3 – Eligible PPE candidates who wish to write the exam at the next available sitting are required to register and submit payment in accordance with the instructions provided in the registration package. PEO is not responsible for mail delivery. If you do not receive your registration package approximately two months prior to the sitting in question, contact the Exam Centre.

Graduates of a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board Program

Once you submit a licence application to PEO and obtain a PEO file number, you will be informed of your time frame to write the PPE.

International Engineering Graduates

International engineering graduate applicants who have submitted a licence application and have been assigned a PEO file number may be required to write and pass a technical exam program before being eligible to write the PPE. This requirement is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Examination News, Syllabus and Locations

  1. Next PPE Sitting: December 1, 2018, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
    - Final instructions, PPE syllabus and locations
    Exam locations only
  2. Additional PPE exam sessions: Wednesday, February 6, 2019 | Registration opens Monday, December 17, 2018 at 8 a.m.

    Note: Requests received prior to 8 a.m. will be rejected.

    Additional sessions to write the PPE will take place at the PEO head office (40 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto) on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 from 9 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you are eligible to write the PPE and want to register for February 6, 2019, please email exams@peo.on.ca on Monday, December 17, 2018 as early as 8 a.m. requesting a spot (PEO will be assigning the session). You will receive an email letting you know if a spot is currently available and providing online registration and payment instructions.

    Spots are limited and will be granted to eligible requesting candidates in the order in which registration and payment is completed online until both sessions are full. If you have any questions regarding the additional sessions, contact exams@peo.on.ca.

    Note: If you write at one of the February 6, 2019 sessions, you will NOT be eligible to write at the April 6, 2019 regular PPE sitting.

PPE Results

PPE Date Results Mailed Contact exams@peo.on.ca
if you have not received results by:
August 11, 2018 October 12, 2018 October 26, 2018
December 1, 2018 February 6, 2019 February 20, 2019
April 6, 2019 June 11, 2019 June 25, 2019
August 10, 2019 October 11, 2019 October 25, 2019
November 30, 2019 February 5, 2020 February 19, 2020


Resources and Suggested Textbooks

You will receive a registration package in the mail two months prior to each sitting you are eligible for. You will need to download the study materials and review the suggested textbooks below. All this information is required to be reviewed to successfully pass the PPE.

Downloadable Study Materials

Suggested Textbooks

*Please note that textbooks cannot be purchased at PEO. Please contact the publisher or your local university. 

Part A – Professional Practice and Ethics
Gordon C. Andrews, Patricia Shaw, John McPhee "Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice and Ethics”, 6th Edition, 2019, published by Nelson Education Ltd.
ISBN: 0-17-676467-4
Tel: (416) 752-9448 or 1-800-268-2222
Fax: (416) 752-8101 or 1-800-430-4445

Part B – Engineering Law and Professional Liability
D.L. Marston, “Law for Professional Engineers, Canadian and Global Insights”, 4th Edition, 2008, McGraw-Hill Ryerson.
ISBN: 978-0070985216
Tel: (905) 430-5000 or 1-800-565-5758
Fax: (905)430-5203 or 1-800-463-5855

"Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience", Third Canadian Edition
by Brian M. Samuels and Doug Sanders
Published: 2015
ISBN-10: 0134145046
Purchase online from Amazon or Chapters

Additional Past Professional Practice Exam (PPE) Exams

In addition to the past PPE provided above, other past PPE exams are available for online purchase. Please login to the PEO member portal, go the Fees tab and select PPE Exam Reprints to find past PPE exams available for purchase.

Additional resources:

*Please be advised that PEO is not associated with and does not endorse any of the professional practice exam and technical exam preparatory service providers.

Exam Centre Contacts

General Questions

Anna Carinci Lio
Supervisor, Examinations
(416) 840-1095

Angela Bennett
Examinations Representative
(416) 840-1040

Susan McNeil
Examinations Representative
(416) 840-1097

Samantha Sookdeo
Examinations Representative
(416) 840-1096


The electronic addresses of PEO’s staff are provided for inquiring about PEO’s regulatory activities related to the regulation of professional engineers. The staff do not wish to and do not consent to receiving unsolicited commercial electronic messages such as advertising or other promotional material.